Cultivate Programme

What is the Cultivate programme?

Made With Many aims to work with as many communities as possible in both Corby and Wellingborough, prioritising those least likely to engage in arts and culture. Whilst we do not have the capacity to deliver every single project our communities can imagine, we do have expertise to share with people who want to grow their own project ideas through our Cultivate programme.

Through Cultivate, community groups and local artists working together to create great art experiences for our communities in Corby and Wellingborough can be offered information, advice and guidance that will enable them to bring their project to fruition.

What we can offer

Made With Many can support projects with information, advice and guidance on the following subjects:

  • Identifying and applying for funding from trusts and foundations
  • Getting in-kind support for your work
  • Project Development and Planning
  • Project Management
  • Budgeting
  • Audience Development
  • Marketing, PR and Social Media
  • Project Monitoring
  • Sustainability Planning
  • Signposting to other training, advice and support

Other benefits

The Cultivate programme will also give you access to:

  • A network of local artists and community groups engaging in peer support and knowledge sharing
  • Use of our Zoom Pro platform to host your creative group online – if you wish to book a slot in Zoom please email Ann Leonard


To be eligible for support, proposed projects must meet our aims and ambitions for the Cultivate Programme:

  • Benefit the community
  • Attract new audiences for art
  • Include artistic or cultural activity
  • Be based in the Borough of Corby or Wellingborough
  • Be developed with a community group or include a community group in project delivery
  • Engage with the public as audiences, participants or beneficiaries
  • Strive for artistic excellence

Join us for a conversation

After a successful Summer 2020 and Winter 2020/2021 training programme, we do not have any current Cultivate sessions planned as our Spring events programme is very busy. Please sign up to our e-newsletter and you will hear about further sessions as they are arranged.

Connect with Cultivate Creatives online

A new group specifically for artists and leaders of creative activities in the Corby and Wellingborough areas. We will be posting Made With Many opportunities but we also want to hear about local creative projects led by you. The group is also intended to be for peer support and sharing relevant information.

Access online resources

Navigating your way through the web of resources isn’t always easy, so we’ve compiled a page that may be useful to Artists, emerging Creatives and community groups who run creative activities.

Apply for support

This is a rolling programme. You may apply at any time and we will endeavour to support as many projects as possible that best meet our criteria, aims and ambitions.

Please contact us to express an interest in joining the Cultivate programme, with a brief outline of what the project is about and what support you are looking for. We will contact you to find out more about your project and (if your project is eligible) to arrange a Zoom or phone appointment with a relevant member of the team, depending on the project needs. At this meeting we will discuss your project idea in more detail, provide advice and guidance and explore further support that we could potentially offer you. All meetings and support sessions will be held during regular office hours.

“When we say arts and culture we mean any creative activity, from drawing and crafts to street art, music, dance, poetry, singing and performance. So, if you have an idea you’d like to develop please get in touch.”  Tom Briggs 

Contact Sarah on or leave a message including how we can contact you on 01536 267895 (as we are currently working from home)

Keep in Touch

For future updates on news, events and opportunities please sign up to the e-newsletter or follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn – or Get Inspired on our website.

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