Opportunities for Wellingborough Community Groups & Organisations

Opportunities for Community Groups and Organisations
in the Wellingborough Creative People & Places programme

In preparation for the launch of our new programme of cultural activities in Wellingborough, and to make sure that we engage with as many local people as possible, we need local groups and organisations to get involved. There’s lots of ways for you to do that, from joining our consortium or advisory group and contributing to the leadership of the programme to simply have a cuppa and conversation with us about the possibilities for Wellingborough.

If you are interested in any of the below opportunities, or have any other ideas or suggestions, please contact us.

Be part of the consultation

Over the next few months, we want to involve as many local people as possible in shaping what the programme will look like. Please share the online consultation widely, and if you think it’s worthwhile us having a more in-depth conversation with your group or the people you work with, then invite us in for a cuppa and a chat (we’ll bring the cake!).

Work with us

We’re open to discussions with non-cultural community groups, venues and voluntary sector organisations who would like to work with us over the next 4 years. You might have an idea for an event or project already, be interested in hosting regular workshops or simply want to explore how cultural activities can enhance what you already offer to the community. In the past we have developed projects with children’s centres, older people’s groups, neighbourhood associations, businesses, sports clubs and walking groups, among many others, and we’re looking to build relationships with a wide variety of groups and organisations over the coming year.


We are looking for a Wellingborough-based community group to join the consortium; helping to provide strong links with the local community as the programme progresses and ensuring that the voices of local people are at the heart of our decisions. The role of the consortium is to provide strategic steer for the programme, alongside accountability for the programme delivery team and lead body. They work with the Programme Director to set the main objectives and targets for the programme, develop the delivery model and create opportunties for local people to actively involved in our decision-making processes. The consortium also work with the delivery team on the development of business plan, evaluation strategy and risk management. For more details CLICK HERE.

Advisory Group

As well as inviting a community group to join the core consortium, we are inviting community groups and voluntary sector organisations to join our advisory group. This group will meet with the consortium quarterly to review the progress of the programme, develop partnerships and advise on future planning. Members of the advisory group will have the opportunity to be a key link between the programme and those in the local community they work with, as well as accessing and creating new opportunities for the borough. It’s a great way for your opinions, and those of the people you work with, to be instrumental in shaping our plans, and we would be open to groups sending both a member of your staff/volunteer team alongside one of your participants/beneficiaries.

To find out more about the Wellingborough consultation please click the link below:


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