Early Years: Duvet Dancing on 6th & 7th December

Early Years: Duvet Dancing

Performed by early years specialist and dance artist Anna Daly, Duvet Dancing is a joyous mix of stretching, curling, wriggling, rolling, rocking, twirling, flumping, snuggling…there’s no need for words as you watch, mirror and explore small dances together.

Created for little ones, aged 6 months to 3 years, to support emotional and physical development and encourage quality playtime with their grown-ups.

Due to capacity, we can only accommodate one adult per child. Each adult may bring up to 2 children.

See more about Duvet Dancing and Anna Daly at www.facebook.com/duvetdancing and www.annadaly.co.uk/project09

Duvet Dancing at Little Jimmy’s (Pen Green Centre)

Date: Friday 6th December
Time: 2pm – 3pm
Venue: Little Jimmy’s Bungalow, Pen Green Centre, 53 Rockingham Road NN17 1BJ (access from Rockingham Road)
Price: £1 Adults and 50p Children

Duvet Dancing at Oakley Vale Community Centre

Date: Saturday 7th December
Times: 11.30am – 12.30pm or 1.30pm – 2.30pm
Venue: Oakley Vale Community Centre, 20 Butland Road, Corby, NN18 8JF
Price: £1 Adults and 50p Children

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