Grow Festival Mini Guide – Afternoon Amble

Afternoon Amble

We have created four mini-guides to help everyone get the most out of Corby’s second Grow Festival.

So whether you have all weekend to come along and enjoy Grow Festival or just a couple of hours to discover the delights on offer, select a mini-guide that suits you.

For more information on all the acts, click here!

Don’t forget to book your tickets for the Community Feast on Sunday 28th July, 12:30pm at Coronation Park.


Saturday 27th July

12:30pm – Boom Bike Bourrée – Sound Intervention – Corporation Street (Later showing at 2:30pm & 4:30pm)

1:00pm – Artizani – Lobster A La Cart – Roaming 20ft lobster (Later shwoing at 4:30pm)

1:30pm – Wild N Beets – Beryl & Cyril’s Great Barnsley Bakeoff – Corporation Street (Later showing at 3:30pm)

2:00pm – Walley Range All Stars – Compost Mentis – Corporation Street

2:30pm – Artizani – Bees: The Colony – Queen’s Square

2:30pm – Plunge Boom – The Vegetable Nannies – Roaming

2:45pm – Mr Lucky’s Party – Avanti Display – Corporation Street (Earlier showing at 12:00pm)

During the day head to Queens Square for a mix of performances by local people and groups, as well as Grow by Kapow at 3:15pm

4:15pm – 2Faced – Two Old Men – Queen’s Square

5:00pm – Return to James Ashworth VC Square outside The Cube ready for the Parade to Coronation Park with the Boom Bike Bourree and giant lobster! The Parade will finish with daytime fireworks.


Sunday 28th July

12:00pm – Bollywood Brass Band Welcome – Coronation Park

During the day catch the walkabout act of Madame Bonbon by Cocoloco

12:30pm – Community Feast – Coronation Park

Check out the local talent on the people’s stage in Coronation Park throughout the day. See the line-up here!

3:00pm – Bees: The Colony – Artizani – Sensory Garden, Coronation Park (also available on Saturday in Queen’s Square outside Burton)

3:10pm – Joss Arnott – Pulse! – the decked performance area, Coronation Park.

3:45pm – Wild N Beets – Beryl and Cyril’s Great Barnsley Bakeoff – the decked performance area, Coronation Park.

4:45pm – Boom Bike Bourree lineup to finish the festival – Community Stage, Coronation Park.

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