Everything you need to know about Grow Festival 2019

Grow Festival 2019 map

Everything you need to know about Grow Festival 2019

We have created a list of our most frequently asked questions so you can plan your time at Grow Festival and ensure your summer starts off with a wonderful weekend of fun in Corby! Remember to invite your friends on facebook so they don’t miss out!

What is Grow Festival?

Grow Festival is a two day arts festival hosted in Corby Town Centre. This year’s theme is food. There will be theatre, music, dance, spoken word and crafts as well as other performances and an enormous community feast!

Where is Grow Festival happening?

This year’s festival will be held in Corby Town Centre and Willow Place on Saturday 27th July, and in Coronation Park on Sunday 28th July.

What time is the festival on?

Timings for the festival:
11:00am – 6:00pm on Saturday 27th July
12:00pm – 5:15pm on Sunday 28th July
There is also a performance based in a disused retail unit (the former Body Shop near The Entertainer). ‘Of All The People In All The World’ starts on Thursday 25th July and run until 5pm on Saturday 27th July. You can drop in at any time to watch their performance from 11am – 5pm from Thursday to Saturday.

Times for individual performances are available in the Grow Festival programme and online, as well as being available on the day. You can get this information from the festival staff wearing blue or yellow Grow Festival t-shirts, or at the info points.

Where can I find the Festival Programme?

A full schedule of events and times can be found in the download below. A printed leaflet and map will be available at the festival from the festival staff wearing blue or yellow Grow Festival t-shirts, or at the info points.

Download the Grow Festival programme

Download the Easy Read Programme
(this should be used in addition to the main programme)

What does it cost?

Entry to the festival is completely FREE, as well as viewing the performances and taking part in the workshops.

There is a subsidised ticket price for the community feast of £5 per person for residents of Corby borough*, or £10 per person for those who live outside the Corby borough. The Corby borough consists of Corby, Cottingham, East Carlton, Great Oakley, Gretton, Little Stanion, Middleton, Rockingham, Stanion and Weldon.

Buy your feast tickets here: bit.ly/GrowFeast. You can also book in person from The Core theatre box office or by calling 01536 470470.


Saturday 27th July
There is no free parking for festival visitors on Saturday. There are multiple car parks around the town centre. To park closest to the event on Saturday, we advise to park in the Corby International Pool or Victoria Place car parks, which are pay and display. Another option is the Gateway Car Park and the Oasis Retail Park, which are both pay on foot car parks. Both car parks have disabled parking spaces, however a parking charge still applies.

Sunday 28th July 
Please note, for Sunday’s events at Coronation Park, there is no access to the public to the parking at the back of the Pavilion as this is reserved for production vehicles. Some of the car parks listed for Saturday are free of charge on Sunday, however please refer to the links below for further information. The Oasis Retail Park car park is the closest car park to Sunday’s feast. Also see Gateway Car ParkCorby International Pool and Victoria Place car parks.

Photos and videos

There will be official Grow Festival Photographers throughout both days of the festivals, they will be identifiable by Grow Festival Lanyards. As this is a public event we are unable to ensure that other members of the public are not taking their own pictures and uploading them to the internet. If you do have any concerns please contact a member of the festival team who will be wearing blue or yellow Grow Festival t-shirts.

What can I expect from the festival?

We are expecting a large amount of people to attend, so please be aware that there may be situations of crowds and groups during performances. Due to most of the festival being situated outside in a public place, there will be people walking through event areas and some ambient noise, as well as music. There will also be some ambient noise and music in performance spaces that are situated indoors in empty shop units.

Some performances will also include situations to stimulate your senses, so please expect different smells, sounds, and visuals.

We will have designated Quiet Spaces on each day of the festival. On Saturday, Corby Library have several accessible quiet areas to use. On Sunday, there will be an area in the Sensory Garden of Coronation Park.

Please ask member of the festival team who will be wearing blue or yellow Grow Festival t-shirts for directions to these spaces on the day.

What facilities are there at the festival?

As the festival is in the town centre, there are many shops, cafes and restaurants around the town centre that can cater for every need on the Saturday. On Saturday, there are public toilets in Willow Place on the balcony above Burtons which is accessible via lift. Please note that there is a 20p charge for these toilets. Baby changing facilities are also available here.

There are accessible portaloos at Coronation Park on Sunday, however there are no indoor baby changing facilities. Please also note that there is no public access to the Coronation Park Pavilion or toilets on the Sunday.

If you need any access assistance during the festival, there will be designated access stewards wearing yellow t-shirts who will be happy to help you. Some of our volunteers are also Dementia Friends and are happy to provide assistance to our festival visitors who are living with Dementia. They are identifiable by the wearing of a Dementia Friend badge.

We also have maps in different versions available.

Access information

Download the Access Guide to Grow Festival 2019

Download larger map of Corby Town Centre site (Saturday 27th)

Download larger map of Coronation Park site (Sunday 28th)

Download the Easy Read Programme
(this should be used in addition to the main programme)

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