Making change happen creatively

Making change happen creatively – blog by Helen Willmott, Director of Made In Corby

Here at Made in Corby we believe that being creative can really change things. Taking part in creative activities, from craft to performance and anything in between, can change a person, whatever their age or circumstance. Creative activities are now proven to improve our well-being, making people happier, calmer and have the potential to improve numerous health conditions.

We’re equally interested in how creativity can change a community; whether that’s a street, estate, community group or an entire town. Since the launch of our programme in 2014, we’ve seen how our large performance events, such as the performance by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and our musical Danny Hero, have told local stories, creating a sense of collective pride and celebration of Corby and its residents. Our festivals, such as last year’s Grow Festival and the annual Corby Mardi Gras, have brought the town together to enjoy great artistic experiences. And our workshops, Big Days In and Big Days Out have helped local people enjoy quality time with families, friends and neighbours, combatting loneliness and social isolation. We believe that these small changes add up to something much bigger that have the potential to really change how people view Corby and improve the lives of residents.

And that’s why we were so excited to announce earlier this week new investment of over £200,000 in a range of creative activities on the estates of Kingswood and Hazel Leys. We’ll be working with the KHL Big Local Partnership, alongside The Core at Corby Cube and Corby Community Arts, to include arts and creativity in community activities that are already ready happening there, as well as organising new artistic experiences. These activities, from street art to film clubs, have been designed by local residents to change the area, improve the physical environment and create opportunities for residents to learn new skills, make new friends and celebrate the area.

Look out for more information about this soon, or come along to our launch event on Saturday 18th May at 2pm at Hazelwood Neighbourhood Centre.

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