Call-out for Community Cooks

Grow Festival 2019 Call-out for Community Cooks

Grow Festival is a series of three outdoor arts festival commissioned by Made in Corby and co-produced with The Core at Corby Cube. Made in Corby’s aim is to inspire more local residents to take the lead in experiencing, creating and participating in high-quality arts and cultural activities.

As Corby is one of the fastest growing boroughs outside of London, the festivals are aptly inspired by themes of water, light and food – all essential ingredients for growth. The first of the festivals last July saw over fifteen thousand people from Corby enjoying a wide range of performances, activities including making and parading giant jellyfish and marvelling at Saturday’s headline performance, Music Of The Spheres on the Boating Lake.

Continuing to look at the essential ingredients for growth, Grow 2019 is inspired by the theme of food, celebrating all things culinary. Corby’s town centre will once again be animated with hilarious street performers, magical family pop-up shows and spectacular art throughout the weekend. The highlight of this year’s festival will be an enormous community feast.

From 11am on Saturday, the town centre will host music, dance, interactive installations, walkabout acts and performances for all the family. Children and their families can get creative with craft workshops throughout the day outside the Corby Cube, making food-themed objects for a lively and colourful parade through the town centre at 5pm.

The Sunday will focus on a theatrical community feast, sharing and celebrating the food and cultures of Corby, with festivities beginning from 12pm. The feast will be the culmination of months of community growing projects and three community cooks will be chosen to reflect Corby’s diverse population. Hundreds of diners will be entertained by music, dance and theatre from acclaimed street artists and the People’s Stage will return to showcase local talent.

The project is steered by a panel of community members, facilitated by Made in Corby. The project is produced by The Core at Corby Cube with Bill Gee Projects.

Community Feast Overview

The community feast is a project to celebrate the food and cultures of Corby.  The feast day will be the culmination of a project spanning several months in the lead up to the festival. The project will have encouraged people to engage with food on all levels, from growing and harvesting to cooking, tasting and sharing.

The feast will take place on the second day (Sun 28 July) of the festival in a location TBC, from 12.30-14.30 with an additional performance programme continuing through the afternoon.

Approximately 600 people will sit together on long tables and benches to dine as one big community. The feast will be ticketed and the site dressed with items newly created for Saturday’s procession through a series of participatory community workshops inspired by the theme of food.

A team of volunteer performers will create a special atmosphere throughout the feast, greeting people, serving the food, talking about the food and encouraging conversation between the feast participants. There will be music, dance, spoken word and performance to help bring the area to life for the whole afternoon.

We would like to engage three individual community cooks from three different cultural communities in Corby, to plan, prepare and cook the food for the community feast participants.

Download the full Community Cooks Brief as a PDF file below



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