Grow Festival Mini-Guide: Festival Teaser

We have created three mini-guides to help everyone get the most out of Corby’s first ever Grow Festival. So whether you have all weekend to come along and enjoy Grow Festival or just a couple of hours to discover the delights on offer, select a mini-guide that suits you.

Festival Teaser

Saturday 21st AND/OR Sunday 22nd July

For those of you who are short on time but still want to splash in to Grow Festival fun, this mini-guide is made for you. Get a real for of the street entertainment and festival atmosphere in just a couple of hours.

Pick your favourites from a few of our suggestions… Click the artist name to find out more!

Saturday 21 July 2018

Experience 1:

11.00am   –  Bubble Wizard  (James Ashworth VC Square)

12.00pm  –  Urban Safari  (James Ashworth VC Square)

12.30pm  –  Bill and Bobby  (James Ashworth VC Square)

Experience 2:

1.30pm    –  Dick Danger  (James Ashworth VC Square)

2.30pm    –  Frantic  (Corporation Street)

3.00pm    –  Ceci 3.0  (Corporation Street)


Sunday 22 July 2018

Experience 1:

11.00am   –  Maritime Show  (Corporation Street)

12.00pm  –  Choose between Frantic (Queens Square) and Ceci 3.0 (Corporation Street) or even catch both!

11.00am or 1.30pm  –  Wander through the town centre and watch Urban Safari  (Corporation Street)

Experience 2:

3.00pm   –  Frantic  (Queens Square)

3.30pm   –  Bubble Wizard  (Corporation Street)

11am – 5pm  –  If you are a fan of local talent make your way make your way to James Ashworth VC Square for the first Grow Festival all day event, The People’s Stage featuring local musicians, choirs, community groups and spoken word artists, including Deep Roots Tall Trees, Chuck the Poet and indie-rock band The Modern Age.

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