Visions of a Psychopomp

A rich tapestry of animated kaleidoscope imagery and fragmented text is presented as a large-scale outdoor projection, all mixed to a composed audioscape made with YOUR help.

When woven together, the sonic elements will guide you along an abstract narrative. The aural storytelling will be composed of underwater audio of whales, recordings of radio waves and morse code, field recordings from around the world, choral song and spoken word.

During the projection, the audio will be accessible via a live streaming service and the video will be broadcast with the accompanying audio. When watching live on the internet, you will be able to see the projection and listen to the audio on your mobile devices!

Be a part of Visions of a Psychopomp:

livedigitaldesign would like your help in creating the audioscape!

Please click the following link to record your version of their short story to use in the artwork…

How to record:
Click the link above to go to the audio recorder page. On this page, the story is displayed below the recording buttons. When you are ready, press ‘record’ and read out the story at your own pace! Once you’re finished, click ‘stop’, then press ‘upload’ and your recording will be added to the audioscape of Visions of a Psychopomp!

When & where:
Saturday & Sunday – ALL DAY @ Queens Square (projection onto former Corby Women’s Centre)

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