No Way Back: The Journey

This six minute video captures the story of No Way Back, an exciting new piece of theatre created and produced in Corby in summer 2015 by Frantic Assembly with ten local people.

“From taster workshops across the borough, through auditions and an intensive devising and rehearsal period to the performances…Frantic Assembly have excited, enthused and inspired countless local people to be brave, try something different and discover new possibilities.”
Helen Willmott (Programme Director, Made With Many)

“We jumped at the invitation to return and make a new piece of theatre with the people of Corby. ‘With’ is the important word here. We did not want to create something that was not unique to the experiences of the people we would be working with. We wanted to be inspired by their lives and their stories. We wanted this to be a genuine collaboration.”
Scott Graham & Neil Bettles (Frantic Assembly)


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